Arthur Florence, Photo of Photo, RPPC with Shield Shaped Corner Mount Flourishes

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This one makes me very happy, for many reasons, including for the fact of it appearing to be a photograph of an earlier photograph of a young Arthur Florence (the framing around him is all part of the photo, it is only the shield-shaped paper mounts that are pasted on top--and his name written in ink.) As such, this image of Arthur Florence, and Arthur Florence himself, seem all the more beloved (and with those paper corner mounts reading very much like hearts to me!) I believe he is in a military uniform here, sword in hand--c. early 20th c. 

5 3/8" x 3 1/2". Real photo postcard of an earlier photo. As a result, photo within the photo is dark and not super crisp--but rather all about ambiance. It appears that "Arthur Florence" was handwritten in blue ink on the surface of the RPPC, which was mounted in a photo album, with paper corner mounts and black paper remnants on reverse.