Art Deco Periwinkle Blue Vintage McCoy Refrigerator Water Jug / Pitcher

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The lines of this vintage McCoy ceramic refrigerator water jug, c. 1920s-30s, are just fantastic — a quintessential example of machine age design. The mottled matte periwinkle blue glaze is pretty perfect as well, lending a warmth and homeyness to its dynamic, streamlined form.

These sorts of refrigerator jugs/pitchers were designed with spatial economy in mind, in order that they fit into the smaller-scale ice boxes of the day--and they remain handy still, if the contents of your fridge is anything like mine! The plug is handy too, both for keeping liquids fresh and preventing spills, while also lending the perfect final formal detail to this wonderful, functional American art pottery piece.

7" tall x 8" long x 2.75" wide, excellent condition.