Art Deco Napier Squeeze and Release Silver Plate Jigger

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I think this is so cool, and would make a fabulous gift to anyone serious (or just enthusiastic!) about their cocktails. Dating to the early 1930s I believe and produced by Napier, it's a 2 ounce graduated jigger, with a great, super art deco step back form, and when you squeeze the handle, the liquid is released through the bottom. I love the performative bar tending this would enable, allowing one to fill it to the brim and then release just the right amount of whatever into individual glasses or shakers. And when not in use, it's really quite a great looking thing to have sitting on the bar.

Stepped in half ounce measurements from 1/2 oz. to 2 oz and measures 4" t, 2" d; 2 3/16" across at handle. My photo lighting picks up every tiny imperfection on the silver-plate, but the jigger is in very good condition and looks great. I polished it a bit but it would likely polish up a little more; most of the (fairly light) wear is on the backside around the squeeze handle. I have found a few other of these out there for sale, priced in the $200-275 range.