Art Deco Czechoslovakian Orange Teapot with Blue Trees in Landscape

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What a charming teapot! This one really makes me want to host an afternoon tea simply in order to serve from it. Made in Czechoslovakia in the 1920s or so and gorgeously decorated, it is untraceable to a specific maker, though it reminds me so much of the work of Clarice Cliff (British), which I have fallen in love with of late. I find the palette extraordinary, with bright orange body, blue trees against yellow sky and green and pink rolling hills, and the fabulous green polka dotted band running above the landscape. The reverse is great as well, like a little window to the larger landscape on the other side. And then there is the great shape, with dynamically pointed handle. So perfect. 

The teapot measures 4" tall, 3" in diameter, and 5 3/4" inches from spot to handle. It is in excellent vintage condition, no chips or cracks, with just a bit off fading to the orange on the backside and a few white spots.