Array of c. 1940s-50s Wax Vegetables!

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One more group of vintage wax display food from a larger array I found this week at one of my favorite antique shops in New Hampshire--because it feels the steak and eggs and bacon need to be countered with some veggies! I know there are some contemporary makers of faux food, but this is the real old vintage deal, which is rare to find, and I find the craft of it all pretty fantastic...look at that corn!  The first photo does not include the tomato pictured in the second photo--but it's included in this lot, too! 

Corn, for reference, measures 8 1/4" long. There is a small loss to the pool of peas and a crack visible only from the backside. All else in very good condition. These are solid wax, actual scale, and pretty heavy! All in photos included.