Antique Wooden and Leather Saddle Maker's Vise

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Another curious tool, which I think is just a beautiful object I’d hang on the wall. I believe it is an old saddle maker’s vise —it would have been attached to a bench with a lever below, which the harness maker would press with their foot to clamp the jaws of the vise onto the piece of leather, freeing up their hands for sewing or trimming the leather. The leather strap that allows the vise to open widely or pull closed is still in good shape, it is just no longer attached to something that would hold it tightly clamped, hence the notion to hang it on the wall--though perhaps someone more industrious than I could put this vise to good practical use!

13 1/4" long x 3" wide x 4 1/4" tall and in good used vintage condition.