Antique Wood and Brass Travelers Wheel in Original Green Paint

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Clearly I love an old handmade tool, made by a specific person for a specific purpose, and this a very satisfying one--a travelers wheel constructed of carved wood, in its original dark green paint, with a heavy hand wrought brass wheel. Travelers were made and used by blacksmiths and barrel makers and wheelwrights to measure circumference--this one travels about 8 inches with one roll around the wheel. It appears be notched on one spot, and perhaps there is a name scratched into the brass along one edge, but it's a bit hard to tell.  A relatively humble but singular and to my eye quite beautiful example, which clearly did its job as it was clearly much used. Found in New Hampshire, second half 19th c. I believe.

10" long; wheel 2 5/8" in diameter; 7/8" d. Circumference (travel distance for one round of wheel) about 8 inches. Very good condition, nicely aged, rolls smoothly.