Antique Wire Hinged Box Stenciled with Monogram and Black

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To my eye quite a beautiful antique primitive box, early 19th century or so, I presume, with wire hinges and original latch, which has clearly been latched many times as it has traced a a perfect arc on the lid following its trail. Both short ends are stencil painted "black"--perhaps indicating it once held black tea? (I first though perhaps boot black, but the interior is clean, so think tea might make more sense, or something else entirely? With the monogram W&C stencil painted in black on the lid and a wonderful patina to the wood. 

 6 7/8 x 2 15/16 x 2 3/4” t. There are splits in the wood in a couple of places, one 3/4 way down across the front and the other angling about 1/3 of the way down on the left short side. The front one appears to have been shored up with two small nails, one at either end, and both it appears with clear/brown glue, but looking to me as if done some time ago. Stable and sound now.