Antique Two Photo Panoramic Landscape with Many Fences, Mounted to Card

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I like the thought of wanting to capture a wide view but lacking the technology to do so, and so carefully splicing two photographs together in order to make one.  And I like how the clarity and exposure of the photo at right doesn't quite match the left one, thus calling more attention to itself as a constructed image. Then there is the layering of fences here, barbed wire in front of picket, adding another dimension to the framing of the butte (I want to call it a butte?) in the distance, so as to feel a strong sense of separation between "here" and "out there." And these clouds that look like icebergs!

Card to which photos are mounted measures 8 13/16 x 3 15/16. Overall good condition with edge wear, staining to the back of the card and a bit of minor warping.