Antique Treen Snuff Box with Mother of Pearl Inlay

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There is a sticker note on the bottom of this lovely treen box that describes it as American, likely New York state; I had another 19th century snuff box with very similar inlay that I believed was made French Napoleonic prisoner of war, so am no 100% sure. At any rate, it is definitely 19th century and very lovely, with mother of pearl inlay punctuated by a pattern of brass pique nails. It snaps closed tightly with a satisfying click, opens easily, and the back hinges are in great shape, as is the interior. Really a lovely box, and not tiny--one could store a handful of precious little things inside. 

4" wide x 2 1/4" deep x 1 1/2" tall. A few tiny chips to the inlay/cracks to the inlay, minor; overall very good condition and really looks great. I believe the wood is olive wood but am not 100% certain.