Antique Treen Dice Cup with Celluloid Dice

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The beautiful old treen dice cup--19th century I believe--really makes me want to take up Craps, or pretty much any game involving throwing dice! It's super satisfying to use, and looks great sitting on the table the rest of the time--just a great form, and with a really nice warm patina. And so that it's ready to use immediately upon unpacking, I'm throwing in a great pair of old caramel colored celluloid dice! A great gift for your favorite game-player.

Very good condition, with many many more shakes and throws of the dice left in it.  I have not touched the wood on this--there is some wear, showing darker in a few areas, particularly along one side near the top edge, and a couple of tiny light spots--all fairly minor. 3 5/8" tall x 2 7/8" across at opening.