Elaborate Antique Tramp Art Clock Case in Original Gold Paint

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Clearly there is a missing stacked section at the front base of this antique tramp art clock case, and a few other little edge bits missing from the lid, but I think the form and construction is so beautiful I could not leave it. I especially love the roof, which lifts off (so that I assume, one could wind the clock that once lived inside), making the whole thing feel like a gothic house of sorts and revealing a lithographed portrait glued to the interior I might set up a little scenario to be viewed through the round opening, but it could also function as a mirror or frame, or all sorts of other things one might do. Made of cigar box wood, later 19th c I believe, in original gold paint that has perfectly mellowed with age.

13 7/8 tall x 9 w x 5 3/8 d. Quite sturdy and sound, roof fits on snugly facing in either direction.