Antique Tibetan Large Painted Wooden Panel

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Not my expertise, but I found this old Tibetan painted panel, I assume once a door on a piece of furniture, way too beautiful not to bring home with me--how to resist those gold painted flames? My knowledge is very limited, but certainly it is a lotus flower at bottom center, and I assume it is the path to enlightenment/progression to nirvana being symbolically represented (with the six tethered forms representing the six perfections?) Gorgeous color, terrific surface, and most definitely something one might gaze at while meditating, or just zoning out.

24 1/4" x 21 1/8" x 1". There is a split running vertically down the left side about 1/4 of the way in, which looks as if likely repaired at some point, and one roundish loss on the right edge, as evident, with a furrow on the back side that runs horizontally from it. I don't think these detract visually but the splitting means one wants to handle it with some care, and if hanging I would add the hook to the top center of the panel, where the wood is very solid and sturdy. Once hung, done!