"The Northern" Hand-painted Greenwood China, Trenton NJ Ironstone PLate

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As a lover of found language, I love this old plate just for the phrase "The Northern," which to me invites thoughts of the North Star, traveling due North guided by the night sky--maybe toward the Canadian border to safety! Plus I love that the "The" matches that of The New York Times pretty much exactly. It is (faintly) stamped Greenwood China, Trenton, NJ on the back, which seems to have operated 1890-c.1929,  supplying serving ware to many hotels, railroads, and the like. Perhaps this was a railroad dining car plate for the Northern Pacific, perhaps used by a hotel or restaurant; I have not been able to place it. The lettering looks to me more as if hand-painted and overglazed rather than transfer, and the plate is heavy, satisfying ironstone. Quite a good object I think.

9 1/2"  x 6 3/8" x 1 1/16" and in overall good condition, no cracks or notable chips, just general wear, especially around the edges.