Antique "Suggestions for Costumes" Graphite and Watercolor Drawing #1

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I found this and a second watercolor of the same family together, but am listing separately as I think they stand very nicely on their own. (I do actually think they were done by two different people tasked with the same assignment.) Based on the penciled note at top and list of individuals at bottom, clearly the watercolors portray proposed costumes for members of the Brown family in a play--though what play I am not sure. (The only think I turned up is Hawthorne's Young Goodman Brown set in Salem, MA during Puritan times, but, though there is a Faith in that one, I don't believe this is that!) In any event, I love these very naive watercolors, especially the smiling baby in crib with rattle in hand in this one! And I love imagining its maker, early 20th c. I would guess, working very hard on it!

9 1/16" x 6" t, with losses to right corners as evident and an old fold line down the center. (Could be pretty easily trimmed or laid atop another sheet or matte to match.) Otherwise very good condition.