Much Loved Antique Straw Stuffed Doll with Painted Face and Gray Hair

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A very dear one, sewn of linen and stuffed of straw, with simple hand-painted face and coarse, natural gray hair (animal or human I'm honestly not certain) pulled through a woven fabric pate of sorts. She's been loved, with wear to the fabric of her face (showing another layer, stretched tight underneath) and the loss of one knit stocking and leather bootie along the way. With a pretty cotton woven plaid dress--showing yellow from the front, lighter green on the back, and the original stronger green from the inside--and nicely tailored pantaloons with lace trim underneath. C. later half 19th century, I believe.

14” t x 7 1/2” w (arms stuffed stiff). Structurally sound with no holes or loose seams--wear to face as evident but not making her especially delicate. With a very humble and sweet disposition.