Antique Star-painted Wooden Matchbox with Match Strips—Hold For JV

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Small, but stunning! I believe this wonderfully painted wooden vesta dates to the mid-19th century or so, I think Pennsylvania Dutch. It is in fantastic condition and really just a little gem of a thing. And while the interior box with striker is gone, it came with several "match strips" dating from the period, which are lovely things too. From what I understand, these matches were sold in bulk, most commonly in paper-wrapped sub-packets of five "strips" of 17.

The box is painted on both faces and both sides, and is a bright as photos portray. One might be able to find a matchbox to fill it with, but I might just treat it as a beautiful object for display. 2 1/2" l x 1 11/16 w x 7/8" d. Matches measure 2 9/16" l.