Antique German Pipsqueak Dog (no longer squeaking)

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I'm always admiring these old German squeaker toys, but they tend to be priced beyond me. This guy I found at Brimfield, and I believe he is an early one, 19th c., with the bellows crafted of kid leather, unlike later ones with paper. I love his stoic-ness, as if he's been sitting here forever patiently waiting for someone to give him a treat. No longer does he squeak when pressed, and the back end of the wooden base upon which he sits will pull away from the leather of the bellows at the back end if the front is pressed all the way down, but if left alone he's very happy and very endearing. 

2 15/16" t x 1 1/4" w x 1 7/8" d. Good overall condition, no longer squeaking but sits just fine and dog shows no losses or repairs. Leather of bellows detached from wood base on the back side.