Antique Shan Burmese Lacquer Kun-It Betel Box, c. 1880s, 11" Tall

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I'll never pass by an antique Burmese lacquer betel box if I can afford it--which increasingly I can't, as these fine older ones have become quite precious. I lucked out on this one though, and another I am listing simultaneously, both from the same estate--both are very large, and really beautiful. I especially love the banded decoration and strong use of black on this one, against which the deep orange cinnabar color really pops. 

Cylindrical boxes such as this, called kun-it, were used to store ingredients needed for betel chewing, with a box of this large size used for guests. This one is the older of the two I am listing, c. 1880, with the incised decoration and applied beaded frieze near the base typical of the lacquerwork of the Shan people (also known as the Dai or Tai Yai), of eastern Burma/Myanmar. This one no longer has the interior trays which once would have fit inside.

11" tall and 8" in diameter. Good antique condition with a great presence.  Some hairline surface cracking to the lacquer and one small chip at the center of the lid.