Antique SECONDS Stencil

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This may be my favorite thing I've found of late, which I perceive at least in part as a sort of "art without intent" object due to the absence of a divider on the "D", which has the effect of announcing it not as a perfect thing, but rather as a flawed one, a "second." As a lover of found language that resonates in different contexts, I also love it for all the other things that "seconds" might connote too--seconds of time, second in line, second helpings, etc. Late 19th c or so I believe and with a suppleness to the metal that makes me thinks it is copper.

17 3/4" l x 4 1/2" t. In good condition, great patina, bends and small dings here and there, all to the good in my opinion, but the metal is soft enough to press pretty flat. I've photographed in two different lighting situations to give a better sense of the metal.