Antique Schoolhouse Slate "Silent" Chalkboard

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This is a charming antique schoolhouse slate chalkboard with a wood frame. The chalkboard, which would have been used by an individual student, has holes all around the perimeter that would have been threaded with twine or yarn in order to keep the slate from banging on the surface of a school desk--thus chalkboards like this are often called "silent" chalkboards! The front side of the slate is solid black; on the lower half of the reverse side are faint horizontal lines, which I assume served as writing guides. 

The wood framing is in very good condition, with one small chip in the wood on one side; there is light wear to the surface of the chalkboard but it is in very good condition overall and ready to put chalk to! This would be great hanging in the kitchen for keeping a grocery or to do list! 

13 5/8” x 9 3/4” x 1/4” thick.