Antique Needlework Sampler on Linen with Triple Alphabet, House, Flowers

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I'd guess the young woman who created this sampler did not expect it would be around 200 or so years later, so may not have thought much about using very light color threads that would more or less disappear as it aged. The linen backing and needlework itself has held up extremely well and appears almost completely intact, but the linen has darkened and the needlework faded, so it lives now as a very sweet but quite subtle piece, which I love but which certainly make it less desirable to sampler collectors than if the colors were bright. The two story house at center bottom with two sets of planters on either side reads more clearly; above it I believe is the alphabet repeated three times, first in large then in smaller capitals , and then in lower case, as well as numbers 1 through 9. Plus a decorative border along the top and sides, and the letters "M" and "N" in black, which I would guess may be the initials of its maker. I am not entirely certain the age of this sampler but would guess first quarter of the 19th century or so. Found in Massachusetts. 

I've photographed it in two different lighting conditions to try to give the best sense of the sampler and details as possible. Professionally framed at some point with a wire hanger on back. Framed measurements are 16 3/4 t x 17 3/4" wide x 1/2" deep. There are a couple of minor scrapes/dings to the black frame, as pictured. Other than the fading, the sampler shows a few small stains and a couple of loose threads, but no holes or other damage at all that I can see.