Antique Salvaged Oil on Canvas Still Life of Fruit and Pitcher

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Yum yum! This 19th c. oil on canvas painting has been through it, for sure--unevenly cut from its stretcher at some point, and with a mend to the back of the canvas and a few other rough patches. But what a luminous still life of some very beautiful fruit it remains, with the pink glow of that watermelon  completely doing it for me. I'd be inclined to pin it to the wall from the top corners just as its--close enough to taste it!--but certainly it could be framed as is, or backed with another canvas and stretched. 

9 1/2" x 16 1/2". Oil on canvas with a clear coat over top. Later 19th c. I presume. Detail photos document condition well--with a rough spot where the watermelon meets the pitcher, and a few other areas of wear (lower right, and over the melon at far right.) I personally don't find these detracting but rather just part of the ambiance. Shipped flat.