Antique Rounded Top Wooden Frame with Distressed Mirror and Wood Panel Back

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Not a hugely unusual antique mirror, but when I found it I thought to myself 'why would anyone go out and buy a new mirror when there are ones like this out there?' Terrific rounded top, nice bevelled detailing, wonderfully aged black painted surface, and much mellowed old gold paint to the edge closest to the mirror. Plus the perfect amount of desilvering to the old mirror itself--still a very clear and useful mirror, but with aura. And with beautiful original wood panel back, which could be removed to exchange the mirror for glass and use as a frame.

17" t x 13 7/16" w. Late 19th c. I believe and in good condition, with some desilvering to the mirror as noted, mostly top center and bottom edges, and surface wear to the frame, all to the good I think.