Antique Relief Carved Panel with Portrait in Profile

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I found this in Vermont but believe its origins are European, and my guess would be French, perhaps portraying an explorer of distant lands, with what I take for mountains or the edges of landmasses at the corners. Or, maybe, in his finery, he's no less than a king, ruling lands near and far. Whatever the case, I think the panel is quite wonderfully carved, and quite a character he is with that long mane and mustache and chin-up profile--making me think a bit of a lion, really. Feels to me like this one might be good in a powder room--or barber shop!--as it feels right to preen and pose it proximity to it!

9 1/4" w x 6 1/8" t x 3/4" d. Very good condition, with a few small flea bites/worm holes at lower right.