Antique Pressed Seaweed Specimen #5, c. 1850s

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Since finding a bundle of antique seaweed pressings from the Isle of Wight a few months ago, I've been looking for more, and so was thrilled to recently find a portfolio of seven of them. They came nicely preserved inside a large piece of paper with folded edges, with "Specimens of Sea Weeds for Mrs. Bindle" hand-written on the front. There is a watermark on one piece dated 1852 with the printer name A. Pirie & Sons, who were located in Aberdeen, Scotland, so I'd think these were made not too long after that. In addition to being simply gorgeous, I love the fact that making these reflected an increasing popular interest in the natural world and also a greater freedom for women and girls--an excuse to venture out on their own toward to the sea!

I don't know enough to identify the type of seaweed, but this is #5! Paper size is  7 1/4" by 4 3/8". Very good condition, with a little rippling to the paper, and with an incredible, glow-y softness.