Antique Prang Geometric Planes and Solids Set (Mixed, Near Complete, Many Extras)

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As with beautiful old wooden blocks sets, I've always got a keen eye out for geometic solids and planes, so was very pleased to find this box the other day in Rhode Island. It's a bit of a challenge to determine exactly which forms are original to this box vs acquired from another similar at some point along the way--as is often the case, I think this is a merger of a couple of different sets, which occurred in a classroom where these were used many many years ago. In any case, it is clear that are way more than the 44 pieces detailed on the underside of the lid, and also clear that in many cases there are several duplicates of the same piece included. Almost all of the pieces present feature numbers on one side, which one could compare to the list on the box to do an assessment; I just didn't quite have the patience! I've documented in photos all the components, all of which are in beautiful condition, as is the original box.

I believe this set, and box, with a label shows a 1870 date, was produced by a maker other than Prang, but that the Prang Educational Company (founded by Louis Prang in 1882) must have sold them. (I have found no other sets out there like this with a Prang label.).  A painter himself, Boston-based Louis Prang first became interested in public art education while teaching his young daughter to paint. He went on to play an important role in shaping the field of art education, and through his company produced high quality watercolor paints as well as oil paints, papers, engraving tools, lithographic pencils, manuals, etc. for use in schools and beyond.

Box measures 8 13/16" w x 5 13/16" d x 3 5/8" t. All components documented and in very good condition.