Antique Post Mortem Glass Plate Negative with Baby and Mother

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A beautiful, moving glass plate negative post-mortem photograph, with the expression on the face of the mother (best seen in digital positive) just devastating. The casket itself is shrouded in fabric, and the hands of the child clasped before her as she lies. My photos of this are not great (not scanned, just photographed in my own makeshift way, yielding some red along one edge in one photo and some uneven lighting), but the image appears sharp and crisp and with very good detail. All the more haunting in the negative I think, with the mother feeling rather like a shadow of herself.

4" x 5" and in very good condition, no chips or cracks, the edge roughness is to the negative, not the glass. There is a bit of dust I failed to wipe away that shows in a couple of images.