Antique Portable Metal Painter's Box with Palette, 1884 Patent

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I really love the way this box was designed (in 1884)--unfolding in a sequence, first to reveal the wooden palette held in place on the underside of the lid by a wire latch, and then with two doors opening out (again held in place by a wire latch) to reveal compartments for paints and brushes and whatever else inside. It's seen some use--with the initials of a one-time owner (T.F it appears) painted in red on the front, and with some supplies found still in it, including a palette knife, some brushes, a little charcoal, a pencil and a metal pot--but has plenty of life left in it, and the wooden palette looks never to have been used.

13 1/4" x 9 3/8" x 3 1/8". Some scratches to the black paint, dings here and there, but overall good condition, and front latch closes easily and  holds tight.