Antique Photograph of Collapsing House, with Witnesses

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The seller I purchased this from speculated this house collapse might be product of an earthquake; I obviously have no idea, though it looks very New England-y to me, where damage from earthquakes is quite a rare event! I just find the buckled facade of the house a pretty captivating thing to look at (and also a bit as if Gordon Matta Clark had made a horizontal intervention) with this sort of haphazard row of posts attempting to the prop it up, and the lower half of the side facade appearing to have come detached entirely. Plus two men framing it, hands in pockets, as if waiting for a fixer to arrive! 

Early 20th century, mounted on card. Card measures 5" x 5". Image measures 3 1/16" x 3 1/16". Pretty good condition, with what looks to be a little staining along the bottom edge of the photo.