Rare Antique Penn Art Dustless White Chalk in Original Box with Slide Lid

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I can find pretty much nothing out there about the Penn Art Crayon Co of Easton, PA so think the company may not have been very long lived; I found all of one listing out there anywhere, and it was for a now sold box of white chalk just like this box (listed for $120!) I have a deep visceral love for old wooden boxes of white chalk, having found a couple of boxes of "Old Faithful" previously, in boxes much like this--nice to have chalk around for when one needs it, but even nicer just to look at! The Penn Art Crayon Co green paper label on this one is especially lovely, and there's a ton of chalk inside, some broken in pieces but a majority of unused sticks. Very satisfying.

Box measures 6 11/16" x 4 3/8" x 3 3/4" t. Box is in very good shape, structurally sound and with tight fitting sliding lid that slides well and holds tightly closed. C. 1905-1910 or so I believe.