Antique Penobscot Splint Ash and Sweetgrass Handled Basket Vase

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This is a lovely Penobscot (Native New England) splint ash and sweetgrass basket woven around a glass jar to serve as a vase. The splint ash visible on the bottom of the basket has been dyed a blue green, and the the sweetgrass on the sides and lip has been braided and woven in both single and double strands. The sides of the vase are finished with two large circular ash ring handles which are bound with ash splints in the "Penobscot star" pattern. I believe this piece dates from the first quarter of the 20th century and would have been made for the tourist market. 

It measures 4 3/8" tall with a widest diameter of 4"; 3 1/4" across at lip and 2 5/8" across at base. Very good vintage condition.