Antique Pencil Drawing of Perched Owl

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Oh, the owl, wise and mysterious nocturnal creature, which I am always hoping to spy in the wild but rarely do. But here one is--a sweet and humble little pencil drawing on what looks like onion skin paper--which one might to look at all the time! Late 19th/very early 20th century I would guess, with one eye drawn a bit darker than the other making it look as if something's got it's attention! 

Sold in the nice old wooden frame I found it in, with a brass loop at top for hanging. The drawing is a bit smaller than the frame, with paper behind it visible along the top and bottom edges. (I have not taken it out of the frame to see what is behind it.) Frame is in very good shape; drawing shows age with some scattered stains and a little crinkling.  Framed: 5 13/16" x 4 11/16" not including hanging loop; sight: 3 7/8" x 2 3/4".