Antique Papago / Pima Figurative Basket with Women and Dogs

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I've looked at a fair number of Papago and Pima baskets, but have not seen another combining women and dogs, and really, what could be better! Early 20th century I believe, this and another I have just listed were found in the attic at a Boston estate, and are both are really stunning. On this one, the design on the exterior mirrors the design on the interior, and the wrapping on the lip alternates between a very dark brown and a lighter, almost gold colored grass. 

Native to central and southern Arizona, the Pima (now called Akimel Oʼodham, "River People") and Papago (Tohono O'Odham) are renowned for coiled baskets like this one, made of grasses including devils claw and bear grass.  The figurative baskets like this one are especially desirable, and this is a terrific example. 

8 3/4" across at lip x 4 7/8" tall; 5 1/2" across at base. There is a slightly darker area at the very center of the interior, which appears to be native rather than a stain; a bit of aging/darkening to the grass on the exterior and couple of lost stitches; and some wear around the perimeter of the base--all minor and as documented in photos.  Structurally super sound with no slumping.