Antique Papago / Pima Basket with Zig Zag Design and Gorgeous Patina

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I purchased this gorgeous early 20th century Papago or Pima basket in an online auction, and it is 100% everything I wanted it to be; pretty much a perfect thing as far as I am concerned. The zig zag design on both interior and exterior is striking, and it's great from absolutely every view.  Only very light wear, structurally super strong with no slumping, and not a lost stitch anywhere that I can see. Best of all is its warm patina, which makes it feel all the more satisfying and special. Truly a lovely thing.

Native to central and southern Arizona, the Pima (now called Akimel Oʼodham, "River People") and Papago (Tohono O'Odham) are renowned for coiled baskets with bold graphic patterns like this one, made of grasses including devils claw and bear grass.  I know from the seller that this one was found in the attic of a Boston estate, where I'd guess it lived for a long time in what clearly were ideal conditions!

7 3/8" across at lip x 4 5/8" tall. 4 7/8" across at base.