Antique Original Lehmann Tin Litho Toy Climbing Monkey c. 1900

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This guy is the real deal--a very early issue tin litho Lehmann Climbing Monkey, made c. 1900 in Germany. I don't have his original box to date him exactly, but have seen his exact match dated between 1890-1903.) There were many versions of this produced by other companies that came later, including in the U.S., but this was the first from what I understand, particularly distinguished by this matte green jacket with felt-like surface, combined with yellow shirt and red pants--just a terrific color scheme I think! 

He's threaded with what I believe is his original string, one end of which one would put under one's foot while holding the other straight up, and the monkey would climb up the string. (I think there was once a small spool/handle at either end of the string for easier gripping). All the other parts are here (excepting a tassel which would once have hung from his fez) and he'll slide along the string if actively pulled, but doesn't do it on his own. I believe it may be a matter of rewinding the string on the reel that is hidden inside of his chest.

As is, I think he's a pretty great looking little monkey, which one could perch on a shelf or hang in a variety of manners. I keep thinking of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz when I look at him, and wonder if they weren't inspired by him? (Oz was published in 1900, and I'd just bet Frank Baum had one!)

Some wear to the paint but really in pretty great shape. When I found him his green jacket had come off, but I think I've secured it snugly (it pops over his shoulders then secures with a pin at the center of his back that folds down.) The jacket would come off this way if one wanted to access the reel inside to try to get him working again. 8" long x 4 1/4" tall x 1 1/2" wide.