Antique Orange Glazed Earthenware Pinch Bottles, Presumed North Carolina - SOLD INDIVIDUALLY

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Sometime one just needs a big dose of luscious orange, which is how I felt when I found these. The seller I purchased them from described them as 19th century, likely French (I didn't care that much; I just wanted them near me), but I am now pretty certain, due to the specific pinched forms in addition to the glazes, they are late 19th/early 20th century North Carolina, with the particular form at right attributed to either Auman Pottery or Daniel Z. Craven (there is some debate about it from what I've read.)

I am selling them individually (PRICE IS FOR ONE; please indicate at checkout which you would like)--though I think they are quite wonderful as a pair, where if arranged a certain way they appear as if to be spooning! 

Overall both are in good condition, each with a few small chips around their openings, which in this case I don't feel detract a bit.

Lighter orange measures 8 1/8" t x 3 7/8" d at base, 4 3/8" widest. Darker: 7 7/16" t x 4 1/8" across at base, 4 3/4" widest.