Antique Oil on Canvas Rock of Ages Folk Art Painting

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This super folky painting is in far from from perfect shape, but I think it's so great I don't care. And, actually, in this case I think it's wounds here and there amid the rocks and choppy waters rather add to its effect! I’ve just leaned (my ignorance) that the image is referred to as “Rock of Ages,“ coming from a Christian hymn written in 1763, when a reverend from Somerset was caught in a storm, and found refuge in a gap in the gorge he was walking through. I love how the beam of light shining down on her not only seems heavenly but also as if it might come from a nearby lighthouse, and I might hang her near a window where to be further illuminated by the passing sun over the course of the day!

26 1/2" wide x 19" tall x 3/4" deep. Oil on canvas, nailed to old wooden frame. It appears to be dated 1810 (though I’m not certain if this is actually the date as it seems Rock of Ages imagery came into popularity somewhat later in the 19th century.) There are a few small punctures in the canvas, one tear at lower left, an old repair visible from the backside, and craquelure particularly visible on the upper right portion of the painting (all as detailed). Stable condition now, and signed J.M. Kendall at bottom right.