Antique Odd Fellows Copper Printing Block with Scull & Crossbones, Eye, Links

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I think this little antique printing block is super cool! It came from the archives of Mitchell C. Lilley (1819-1882), the Ohio-based bookbinder and publisher of Masonic and Odd Fellows books who, in 1865, founded M. C. Lilley & Co, which would produce a whole line of military and fraternal swords, uniforms, accessories, and equipment. This copper printing block--featuring scull and cross bones, encampment tent with all seeing eye, and FLT links--was used to print a catalog illustration of an Odd Fellows watch fob. I believe it dates to the second half of the 19th century, is certainly very rare if not the only one of its kind, and is in perfect shape to ink and stamp all sorts of things!

Excellent condition. The copper plate is firmly adhered to its original wooden block. 1 3/8" tall x 13/16 wide x 7/8" deep.