Antique Odd Fellows Carved Elements from Delaware Lodge (Presumed Rays from All Seeing Eye)

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I know these came out of an old Odd Fellows Hall in Smyrna Delaware (Morning Star Lodge No. 6100f), built in Greek Revival style in the mid 19th c. I believe.  (Photo included in pix.) I am not sure just how these elements were incorporated, but based on the forms and radiant gold and cream paint, I'd be willing to bet they were wall mounted on the wall as rays of sun emanating from a large all seeing eye. I might hang them similarly like rays of sunshine now, though they lend themselves to all sorts of presentations. Blue green paint under the gold and cream, perhaps like the sky peeking though!

19 5/8 x 3 1/4 x 1 each. Sold as set of four. Structurally in very good condition. A little paint is apt to flake off in handling.