Antique Finely Handwoven Lidded and Lined Grass Sewing Basket

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This is a beautiful finely and tightly woven grass sewing basket that I believe is Native American and dates to the very late 19th or very early 20th century, but I have found no other like it. The exterior shows a wonderfully nuanced range of tones, from pale blond to khaki to olive to brown, with a horizontal band of diamond shapes around the center. It is possible the colors were once brighter, but I really love the subtlety of the patterning as it is now.

The lid, which fits snugly over the top of the basket, lifts to reveal a patterned fabric lining, complete with pin cushion on the underside of the lid!  While it is possible this lining was added later, from what I understand these sorts of lined sewing baskets were made for the tourist market during the late Victorian era. 

This piece is in overall good antique condition. One of the two original loop handles on the lid of the basket is missing; there is a bit of slumping to the form; and there are a handful of broken stitches around the edge of the lid--all as documented. 

Approximately 6" tall x 6" widest; without lid the basket measures 5 1/2" across.