SOLD Antique Miniature Hand-colored Engraved Portrait of Fancy Woman in Fancy Frame

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This beauty! At first I took her for a watercolor, but close inspection reveals her to be a hand-colored engraving, and while I am not an expert on miniature portraiture, I believe, based on some research, that she dates to the early 19th century or so--which is also when ringlets like hers very in vogue. From what I have read, many painters of miniature portraits were also engravers and worked in both medium--both certainly requiring quite a lot of patience and exactitude! To me she looks quite knowing and as if she would make for compelling company, and also has a bit of a Mona Lisa aspect, with her long almond shaped eyes very much following one around! Quite a lady she must have been with all of her finery, and her portrait was definitely given the royal treatment, framed in gold and red velvet set in a deep case/frame.

5 3/4" t x 5" w x 1 3/8" d and in very good condition with a brass hanger on the back of the case. There is one area of mild discoloration over one eye, really only visible if viewed at several times magnification, which is how I shot many of the photos. Many photos are shot at just a slight angle to avoid glare.