Antique Love Note From May Basket

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Just a little scrap of a thing, but once I read it I could not leave it, and when things like this have already endured more than a hundred years, how could one not feel responsible for ushering them into future???

Here I come a mile or more

To hang this May basket on your door

I have run so hard I am almost dead

For fear you would be to bed

I will give you this ring in token of love

I say by all above... now catch me if you can.

What a flirtation! I  have to imagine, especially since this note was saved, that sender and the recipient wound up together for the rest of their lives! (Or that the sender was in fact never "caught" and remained forever the one who got away!)

7 1/2" x 2" and in good condition, black ink on pale blue lined paper with a few stains and old fold marks. Not very brittle or fragile.