Antique Leather and Silver-plate Glass Flask

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I'm a sucker for a great looking flask, especially ones with old leather covers on top like this one, which fill me with visions of heading into the woods on horseback, or long walks through misty moorlands! The leather on this one is very well worn and dry and cracking in spots, but still holding on (I think perhaps with the assist of a little glue added between it and the glass at some point) and the bottom half, silver-plate I believe, looks terrific. I think the cap is pewter, and still screws on easily and holds tight. This would need a very good cleaning before putting it to use use. In the meantime, or instead, I might just set it on a shelf or bar to admire and spur visions of adventure! 

6 1/2" tall x 3 3/8" wide x 1 5/8" deep. I have not touched the metal, but the finish is in great shape and it might shine up a bit more if desired. Small dings and scratches here and there and wear and cracking to the leather as pictured. No mark anywhere on it that I can see.