Antique Kindergarten Paper Weavings - Sold Individually

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Another set of kindergarten paper creations--I'll never not grab these when I come across them as I find them so graphically satisfying and just beautiful. I believe this set was created by a kindergarten teacher as they're so finely, and systematically done. Kindergarten creator Friedrich Froebel saw paper weaving as means of cultivating mathematical as well as aesthetic understandings as well as encouraging the development of fine motor skills. 

Sold individually. Add one or more to your cart and please indicate in the notes field at check out the letter of the weaving/s you would like. (Photos are labeled with a,b,c,d). 7 1/2" x 5 1/2" as mounted to heavy weight board. In excellent condition; these I believe date to the early 20th c. but have been perfectly preserved.