Antique Kangaroo Tin Penny Toy

Regular price $28.00

I found a near exact match of this sweet old tin kangaroo that had been sold by an antique toy specialist online for $75. I love it, but that seems a little much, though I will take their description of it as a German penny toy dating to the 1910s-20s. There are a number of vintage tin kangaroo toys out there more recent, most which wind with a key and hop, which this one does not--rather, it is unique in having curved fore-legs, which allow it to rock just a bit, though likely not as much as it once did. 

The brownish red paint on the surface of the kangaroo is quite worn at this point,  with some tin showing through and a little rust. Structurally, his joints are a bit loose but he's holding together fine, and doesn't seem especially fragile. Altogether pretty endearing I think!  6 1/2" long and 3" tall x 3/4" wide.