Antique Isleta Pueblo Native Pottery Bowl

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This beautiful Native American pottery bowl I am almost positive is Isleta, a pueblo located in the center of the Rio Grande Valley, south of Albuquerque. There is a long tradition of Isleta red ware, which after 1880 reflected the influence of Laguna immigrants in terms of its polychrome decoration, with the combination of dark brown, orange-tan, and white on this one showing a merger of the two. I believe this piece dates to the beginning of the 20th century, and I think the decoration is just fantastic!

5 1/4" in diameter x 3 3/8" tall and to my eye beautifully aged. There is some paint loss on one side, a few small chips to the surface of the body, and one very very fine hairline crack that starts at the lip and runs midway down the side, but does not show the same length on the interior and condition is stable. Really a lovely piece.