Antique Inuit Hide Kayak with Carved Wooden Figure

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This one just about breaks my heart I find it so tender, most of all this figure, with smiling pencil drawn face, moveable arms, and linen parka. I have done some research and believe it dates to the very late 19th or very early 20th century, with the kayak made of hide, a carved wooden spear, and pieces of carved bone attached by what I believe is sinew to the top of the boat. I believe it likely comes from the Baffin Island area of the Canadian Arctic, and, when one removes the figure, it appears to be signed on the wooden seat below. There are notches on the hands of the figure which I believe once held a paddle, now gone, but I personally would rather have the figure facing to the side in full view, our standing beside the boat!  Beautifully crafted and very special feeling, these tend to command high prices and one understands why.

17" l x 2" w x 3 3/4" t including figure. Very good antique condition, with one area of surface wear/discoloration to the skin toward the bottom center. No stand, but placing some small weight behind it will allow it to sit up straight and balanced.