Antique Ink and Watercolor Rebus Riddle Drawing with Poem on Reverse

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This is a—really wonderful, I think—19th century British ink and watercolor rebus drawing that I am still trying to fully puzzle out!  I love envisioning its maker sitting down with ink pen, conceiving these riddles, and then beautifully unfurling (literally) them across the page, plus adding a poem to the backside of the page to boot! (re-produced below.) I’ve figured out a few things, starting with “0 cence” = “nonsense” at the top of the page, and a few of the answers have been written in, which certainly helps! You’re more clever than I if you can figure it all out. I think the perfect thing to frame and hang in bathroom to contemplate, or in the entry as a conversation piece to riddle guests!

Very good condition, with a bit of tearing on the right edge and a few minor stains here and there. The paper is a pale pink and the text and color bright and crisp. 8 11/16” x 7 1/8”. 

Here's the poem, as I decipher it: 

What magic voice the silence broke / And warm'd my soul like day-beams fire / Or was it only fancy spoke / The echo of my heart's desire? / But yet methought, I heard a vow / To bless my life, to cheer my lot / A vow which raised sweet pleasure's glow / And seal'd my bliss - "forget me not"