Antique Ink and Watercolor Hand-drawn Dutch Manuscript Map of Early Utrecht

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I am not in the least a map expert, but I sure love to look at them, and think this one is quite an exquisite thing. With an old fold line down the center, I'm pretty sure it came from an old Dutch manuscript, and someone more knowledgable that I has dated it to the late 18th century or so. I’ve learned from a brilliant Dutch instagram follower that it is based on a c. 690 AD map of what is now Utrecht and that the castle is the castle Trecht, located on the Rhine river (Rhenus Fluvius in Latin.). At the end of the phots, I'm included two early iterations of the maps that this one indeed seems to have been inspired by. (Personally though I find this version the most charming!)  

Hand-drawn in ink, then painted with watercolor, with wonderful details-- from the sailboat in the river, pointing downstream, to the rows of trees representing forest on the outskirts, to the pictorial icons at right, I believe likely representing prized artifacts of the area. Really lovely, and if this doesn't induce longing to travel, I don't know what might!

15 3/4" x 12 7/16", on laid paper. Second photo shows that it has been mounted to a backing mat, attached by linen tape, easily removed. The reverse shows that linen tape has been used to back a couple of small tears and along a couple of inches of fold line to stabilize--well done and not visible from the front. Otherwise, very good condition, with some light staining at the bottom corners, minor, and light discoloration from where it was long folded (i.e. the echo of trees and roads from one side on the other.) Shipped flat (as always.)